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About Us

We are marketing specialists who focus entirely and exclusively on dive centers. We combine well-established principles of marketing with an in-depth understanding of the dive center business in order to provide personalized, customized business marketing solutions to dive center owners and managers based on the needs and requirements of their individual circumstances.

Our Mission

To assist dive center owners and managers in their efforts to manage and grow their businesses through tailored, innovative marketing solutions.

Our Vision

To help dive centers build a community of scuba divers who share a common bond in their desire to experience the adventure of scuba diving, while learning to appreciate, protect, and preserve the beauty and wonder of the world beneath the sea.

Our Commitment

To provide thorough, professional, and high quality services to dive center owners and managers in the area of marketing plan development and execution.

Our Key Principles

  • Sharing our marketing and sales expertise with clients
  • Pursuing excellence in client service and meeting client needs
  • Assisting clients in executing a clearly defined business and marketing plan
  • Helping clients provide their customers an amazing (Wow!) experience
  • Contributing to building a community of dive enthusiasts
  • Fostering respect for the marine ecology, including plant and animal life

What We Do

We work very closely with our dive center clients to understand each client’s objectives and needs. We then do the appropriate market research and analysis, followed by marketing plan development or review. Once the marketing plan is in place, we develop a marketing strategy and implementation plan. At this point, our critical work gets underway as we guide and assist our clients in implementing and executing a tailored and customized marketing plan and strategy.

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Dive Center Marketing Consultants

Our goal is to be your dedicated partner as we help you grow your dive center business by providing effective, high quality services in the areas of marketing plan development and execution.

Connecting Dive Centers With Divers
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