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Marketing Planning

A marketing plan is a critical element of the overall business plan for any business. Marketing is the process of identifying the target market for your business, determining the needs of that market, and then using that information to increase that market’s awareness and patronage of your business, and the products and services you provide. Planning is the act of developing and defining the approach your business will take in regard to this process.

For clients who do not have a marketing plan, we work alongside the client to develop a tailored marketing plan. For clients who have a marketing plan, we will review the existing plan and make recommendations as appropriate.

Market Research

Market research is an essential activity in the marketing planning process. It encompasses a range of activities aimed at acquiring and analyzing information about the target market for your business, and how that target market is situated within the larger demographic of your geography.

We conduct the appropriate market research and provide the results to our clients so that clients can make better informed business decisions.

Website Content and Online Marketing

Having a presence on the Internet is a virtual requirement for any business operating in the 21st century. Your website can serve as an important tool in creating an awareness of your business and bringing customers to you, if presented correctly. The design and content of your website can either help or hinder this process.

We perform an analysis of your website design and content, make appropriate recommendations regarding website design and content, and develop website content as needed. We also assist clients in determining ways to drive traffic to your website, as well as utilize and evaluate various online marketing strategies.

Public Relations and Media

How your business is perceived by the general public can have a significant impact on your ability to gain new customers. Creating public awareness and media interest in your business can make a tremendous contribution to your bottom line.

We work with clients to determine a range of activities that can enhance the public image and the public’s awareness of your business.


If you spend money on advertising your business, it is important that you are getting the most for your money, and that you have a means for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of your current advertising efforts.

We work with clients to identify the most impactful and cost-effective advertising opportunities, and we assist clients in devising methods for tracking the benefits and evaluating the cost-effectiveness of that advertising.

Event Management and Tradeshows

Identifying opportunities and venues for building a broader public awareness of your business as well as engaging existing customers can result in a substantial boost to both new and recurring business.

We provide clients with comprehensive services in the areas of event and tradeshow management, including planning, communications, staffing, and lead generation.

Newsletters and Email Marketing

A periodic newsletter can serve as an important communications tool to keep in touch with existing customers as well as reach out to potential new customers.

We provide clients with copywriting services for newsletters and other communications.

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Staff Training

Dive center staff play an important role in shaping the customer’s experience when they answer the customer’s phone call or when they interact with customers entering the dive center. A staff training and development program can help to ensure that the customer’s experience is consistently fantastic, and that it is likely to generate referrals to new potential customers.

We provide clients with staff training and development solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

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Initial Consultation

We begin with the initial consultation with the client. The objective of the initial consultation is to make an assessment of the current state of your business, gain a basic understanding of your goals for the business, and ascertain the needs and requirements to move your business towards achieving your goals.

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Moving beyond the initial consultation, the primary focus is on developing a marketing plan, or reviewing and updating an existing marketing plan. Market research can be a crucial component of this effort.

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Needs Assessment/Determine Requirements

Once a plan has been developed for your business, the next step is to assess the needs and determine the requirements for implementing the plan. At this stage, we work with the client to determine how existing resources and capabilities can be leveraged, in order to make an accurate assessment of needs and requirements for successful implementation of the plan.

We focus on needs and requirements in the areas of website design and management, advertising and public relations, communications, customer information, and overall marketing program design.

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Program Implementation

At this stage, the plan comes to life.  In order for a marketing plan to be effective, first and foremost, it must be executed. This is often the stage that business owners find most challenging from a time and resource management perspective. Having a capable and effective partner can make all the difference in the world. Here are some of the ways we help clients:

Online Marketing --  We provide clients with direct support for their online marketing program, such as copywriting for website content as well as email and other online communications.

Public Relations --  We conduct research and provide guidance regarding effective ways to reach potential new customers through advertising. We assist clients in developing events and other opportunities for media coverage. We help clients identify and pursue opportunities for outreach in the community and for partnering with appropriate groups and organizations.

Customer Experience --  We work closely with clients to define the desired customer experience, and then we design and administer programs to help clients achieve that desired customer experience, including staff training and development programs, customer data acquisition and management programs, and various programs designed to increase interaction with customers.

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Dive Center Marketing Consultants

Our goal is to be your dedicated partner as we help you grow your dive center business by providing effective, high quality services in the areas of marketing plan development and execution.

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